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  • Our programs
  • Summer school
  • Admission
  • Special education
  • Academic assessments
  • Graduation requirements
  • Student Council

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Our Programs

The Academy of Urban Learning (AUL) offers a multifaceted high school diploma program. AUL’s individualized approach to education builds upon project-based skill development and learning during a four-day school week, Monday through Thursday. Each student has an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) that outlines the required core and elective coursework. Each trimester, students complete core academic, …

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Summer School

Summer School is designed for AUL students who want to earn additional credits. The dates for the 2015 summer school session are June 8 – June 26, 2015 and registration opens on March 2, 2015. AUL also opens it’s doors to students from other Colorado charter schools. To attend AUL as a guest student for …

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Special Education

The Special Education Department at the Academy of Urban Learning utilizes an Inclusion Model within the general education classroom.  Each student engages in curriculum within the general education classroom with direct support from our two (2) Special Education Co-Coordinators.  They work closely to develop individualized and differientatiated curriculum with the General Education staff to best meet …

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Ms. Paula-Divine & Chaperone Guest

Academic Assessments

All AUL students must participate in MAP testing in the areas of Math, Reading and Language Usage every trimester.  We are required to administer MAP testing for compliance with our district charter renewal and to chart our student’s academic status and growth AUL administers benchmark assessments at the 3-week, 6-week and 9-week periods of every 12-week trimester.  All students must participate …

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Graduation Requirements

  Competency-Based Education Successful completion of courses at AUL is based on students exhibiting competence in the subject areas through a demonstration of skills, knowledge and completed projects. Academic Program The Academy of Urban Learning’s academic program is based on individualization, skill development and project completion. Students are placed in Math and English classes according …

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Miguel Galvan - Halloween 2013

Student Council

AUL Student Representative Committee is supervised by Ms. Leah-Michael Dillard, AUL English Teacher and Lead Advisor.  The Committee members are Miguel Galvan and Isacc Gonzales

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