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Competency-Based Education

Successful completion of courses at AUL is based on students exhibiting competence in the subject areas through a demonstration of skills, knowledge and completed projects.

Academic Program

The Academy of Urban Learning’s academic program is based on individualization, skill development and project completion. Students are placed in Math and English classes according their levels of abilities, not “grade levels.” Classes are designed to assist students in maintaining and developing their skill levels. Each student is given an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) that outlines core projects which must be completed at a “proficient level” in order for a student to graduate. Each project on the ILP has a “project write up” and rubric that outlines the project goals and specific skills/competencies that the student must be able to demonstrate when the project is complete. In doing so, the ILP allows a student to progress based on skill demonstration.

Support from AUL

AUL is committed to providing an individualized education for each and every student. Each student will have an Advisor who will know their strengths and interests and will co-develop their learning plan each trimester. Caring and knowledgeable teachers in classes of 15-20 students will teach core subject areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. A full time Counselor works with students to support their non-academic needs by helping them obtain wrap-around services through Urban Peak and other agencies in the community.

The AUL Difference

AUL is a small high school focused on challenging each student to reach their goals while getting the personalized attention and support they need. The caring teachers and staff at AUL are determined to see each student succeed. The school has created its own list of graduation requirements that must be met in order to graduate. These requirements focus on the student showing what they have learned and can demonstrate through their projects. Classes are taught in an interactive way in which students can use their talents and interests to meet the graduation requirements.

Work While Attending AUL

Students who are currently employed may continue working while attending AUL. Working students can earn internship hours and school credit through employment during the school year.

AUL Grading System

The AUL grading system is based on A-C and F system, with A through C as passing grades and F as a failing grade. AUL students are required to achieve A through C grades in order to receive credit towards graduation. If a student receives an F, the class must be repeated. Each student works closely with their Advisor to meet the requirements for graduation through one-on-one feedback meetings. Caring teachers will work hard to guide each student in learning what they need to know to earn their diploma. Each student will complete assignments throughout the trimester and keep a portfolio of their work. At the end of each trimester, students will have the chance to do a creative project to show what they have learned. The project, along with their ongoing assignments will be put in the student’s portfolio and presented at the end of each trimester.


Learn more about AUL’s graduation requirements, senior seminar classes, duration of the program and how AUL assists students with college or career search after graduation. 

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