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Our Programs

The Academy of Urban Learning (AUL) offers a multifaceted high school diploma program. AUL’s individualized approach to education builds upon project-based skill development and learning during a four-day school week, Monday through Thursday.

Each student has an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) that outlines the required core and elective coursework. Each trimester, students complete core academic, elective and advising classes. Each class has specific projects, assessments and benchmarks. In order to graduate from AUL, all coursework must be completed at the proficient or exemplary level, which is equivalent to a number grade of a three (3) or a four (4) respectively on the official report card.

At the end of each trimester, if a student has successfully completed the class, their work is showcased in a Graduation Portfolio.  Graduation Portfolios are displayed either digitally, in a binder, or on a website.  During a final presentation of learning, students present two classes and the attached projects to a panel of community members.

All AUL students are expected to complete at least three (3) core projects each trimester in order to remain in good academic standing.

Literature/English Program

The Literature/English program at AUL is designed to meet students where they are at academically in terms of reading fluency and comprehension.

Students are placed in classes based on the GATES-MacGinitie reading test. Students are exposed to a variety of different novels, short stories and writing assignments designed to develop skills and meet the Colorado Content Standards.  Classes offered at AUL include:

  • High School Reading
  • Introduction to Literature and Comprehension
  • American Literature
  • Ethnic American Literature
  • Writing
  • World Literature
  • Contemporary American Literature.

Students utilize the Foundations of Analysis Synthesis and Translations  (FAST) comprehension program, which is designed to build reading, comprehension, critical thinking and meta-cognitive skills.


The Math program at AUL is designed to meet students where they are at academically in terms of their displayed math abilities.

Students are placed in Math classes based on their scores on MAP testing.  Classes offered at AUL include:

  • Foundations of Math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Statistics/College Level Math


Classes offered at AUL include:

  • Environmental Science
  • Earth Science
  • Physics
  • Biology-(Lab based)
  • Chemistry-(Lab based)

Social Studies

Classes offered at AUL include:

  • Introduction to Social Studies
  • Geography
  • Civics
  • African American, Hispanic American and Native American History classes
  • US History
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • World History


Each student has an advisor who serves as their primary advocate. Advisors are the main contact person between the student, parent and guardian, and AUL staff. Advisors meet daily with students during morning meetings, advising classes, and/or individually. AUL gathers for morning meetings and students sit with their advising group. Morning meeting attendance is a required part of the advising curriculum.

Advising class also provides opportunities for students to ask questions, keep track of class completion and attendance, complete a community project and participate in service projects.  It is a required part of the AUL academic program.  In order to graduate from AUL, each student must complete at least four (4) advising classes and three (3) elective classes.

Student Tutoring Program with Ana Marie Sandoval Elementary

The Academy of Urban Learning (AUL) partners with Ana Marie Sandoval Elementary and the Northwest Coalition for Better Schools to offer tutoring services for 1st-3rd grade students in need of academic and social support.

The tutoring services are offered every Monday and Wednesday from 3:55 to 5:15 p.m. Students must complete a job interview and training before tutoring. The tutoring program is a first job for many students. The Northwest Coalition for Better Schools has been tracking graduation rates of students who complete their program and they have found that students who tutor for 31 hours or more have a 91% graduation rate.

ACT Prep

ACT Preparation is offered to AUL juniors. These preparation courses include core content required to successfully take the ACT exam. Colorado State law requires that all 11th graders take the American College Testing (ACT) exam April 24, 2014. The ACT measures high school academic competency and is the nationally recognized college entrance exam.

Multi-Media Art Class

Is one of the elective classes offered at AUL.  Within this class, students will participate in different mediums including:  basic drawing techniques, charcoal, painting and computer graphics.  Students will learn how to hang art according to art gallery standards as well as how to write artist statements for each piece created.  At the end of each trimester, an art show will be held at AUl inviting members of the community to view the student artwork completed during the block.  Student artwork will be hung on the walls of the building throughout the year.

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

GSA meets once a week during lunch.  This group is a safe place for all students to come and participate in discussions pertaining to issues affecting LGTBQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bi-sexual, Questioning, Intersex and Allie) students as well as brainstorming ideas of how to make the AUL community inclusive for everyone.  AUL’s GSA strives to encourage the community to practice active support and to celebrate everyone’s unique differences that contribute to the AUL community as a whole.

GED Preparation

AUL partners with the Emily Griffith Opportunity School to provide a GED option for AUL students. In the case that an AUL student is unable to meet the expectations of the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) outlined by AUL, AUL provides students with the option to attain their GED through Emily Griffith Opportunity School.

Post-Secondary Experience

At the Academy of Urban Learning we strongly promote post secondary education.   Many of our seniors want to pursue college or obtain a technical degree after graduation to aid them in achieving their career goals.  We support our students by providing an opportunity to experience college while still in high school.

We assist students with the admissions process, completing financial aid and scholarships, as well as paying for books and tuition.  This bridge to higher education gives our students the confidence and skills needed to pursue their dreams.

NOT (smoking cessation) Program

The AUL NOT Program helps students stop smoking and pursue healthier lifestyles.

Yearbook Club

The yearbook club is sponsored by Mrs. Cougill. It meets every Tuesday to create the yearbook for Academy of Urban Learning.

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