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Graduation Requirements


Class of 2013 Blue Rochlitz


Competency-Based Education

Successful completion of courses at AUL is based on students exhibiting competence in the subject areas through a demonstration of skills, knowledge and completed projects.

Academic Program

The Academy of Urban Learning’s academic program is based on individualization, skill development and project completion. Students are placed in Math and English classes according their levels of abilities, not “grade levels”. Classes are designed to assist students in developing and maintaining their skill levels. Each student is given an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) that outlines our graduation requirements.  Each class must be completed with a passing grade of A, B or C in order for a student to graduate.

Graduation Requirements

Students must meet the school’s competencies that are aligned with state and local standards. Each student will work to complete portfolio projects according to their ILP’s that address certain skills and competencies necessary for high school completion. AUL curriculum uses a “work shop model” that focuses on reading and writing skills, mathematics skills and life skills necessary to become self-sufficient and successful in the future. Finally, students must meet a post-secondary educational option (PSEO) graduation requirement in which they have the opportunity to take a community college course, a vocational course or a PSEO alternative developed with their advisors.

Senior Seminar Class

Once a student has begun work on their ILP’s and is ready to devise a working plan for their life after high school, they must complete the Senior Seminar I,II and III. Senior Seminar I and II focus on post-secondary options, including community college or vocational school courses. These class will also address issues of financial aid, support groups on campus, tours of area colleges/vocational schools, preparation for the ACCUPLACER, ACT and/or SAT and guest speakers from the community. Senior Seminar III is designed to assist Senior candidates with completing their final two components to fulfill their graduation status: Graduation Portfolios and Presentations of Learning.

Duration of Program

You decide how quickly you would like to complete the requirements for graduation. It could take from 1 year to 4 years. Overall, the educational program at AUL is focused on student development with respect to individual growth and progress. Students will only pass a class when proficiency in the required competencies and skills are demonstrated. A student’s length of study at AUL is based upon the time it takes each individual student to develop and acquire those skills and pass all of the required classes.

College or Career Search After Graduation

One of the main goals of AUL is to help students achieve their dreams after graduation. Each student will work with an advisor to talk about future goals and ways to reach them. The advisor will help the student find out what he/she wants to do in the future and take the steps to make their dreams real. Each student will have the opportunity to take community college courses or vocational classes, and the senior seminar specialist (a teacher) will support them in finding the right classes and getting enrolled. Advising and life skills courses will also guide students in creating resumes, finding internships and jobs, completing college applications and exploring different career options.

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