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“The most powerful tool to use is your brain, you can build on that tool by educating yourself.  That’s what AUL taught me, and without that I wouldn’t have gotten this far.”
Kevin Watkins, Class of 2014 graduate

“My stay at Academy of Urban Learning was one of the best schools I have ever been in my entire educational life.  It has been the best school for three reasons:  the academics were the best because the academic standards were high.  The second reason is the community was a great learning environment.  The third reason is the support everyone provided.  Teachers would provide support when struggling with work or whatever it might be.  When I struggled emotionally or mentally, everyone would be there to support.  Finally, I would just like to say if I was to recommend anyone to a great school, this school would definitely be one amazing school.”
Jesus Tarango-Ramirez, Class of 2014 graduate

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