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This year, 155 students who had not previously been successful in a traditional school setting made the commitment to focus on their personal and academic growth at a place they believe they can be successful: the Academy of Urban Learning.

Their success is based on the trusting relationships we build that allow learning to flourish. AUL provides students with the support and personal attention they require to succeed. So while 90% of AUL students qualify for free and reduced lunch and 100% have received some form of intensive in-house wraparound services, we also have an attendance rate of more than 90% and are graduating an average of 25 students per year over the past three years.

Volunteers are a significant part of the community at AUL, and have been actively engaged with our students in a variety of meaningful ways. Volunteers provide guest lectures on their professions or areas of expertise, offer one-on-one tutoring and have even been seen teaching students how to play chess after school. You can stop by any time to see for yourself the difference we can collectively make in these students’ lives.

AUL invites community members to participate in our students’ Presentations of Learning (POL), which is required in order to graduate. Students present two pieces of academic work and share their own personal journey in front of a panel of board members, community members, teachers and family. Community volunteers are provided with necessary materials to contribute and provide the students with valuable feedback as they head off to their next adventure, either at college or work. POLs are typically scheduled in early November, late January and mid-May. For more information, please call the school at 303-282-0900.

The AUL Board of Directors also has multiple committees with openings for community volunteers interested in regularly contributing to a specific area of the school or whom wish to contribute a specific area of expertise. For more information, contact Board President Sabrina D’Agosta.


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